Friday, April 4, 2008

Advantages of web-based CRM for your SMB

Web-based CRM has come on very strongly as a viable alternative to on-premise CRM. This is great news for SMBs who earlier could not afford on-premise CRM because of its prohibitive costs.

Some of the advantages of a web-based CRM system for an SMB include:

  • A tremendous cost saving as you pay only for what you use besides you are not required to maintain an IT team, you can also free precious real estate which would otherwise be used for placing servers and other hardware
  • A great opportunity for SMBs to test the CRM waters before adding more functionalities and modules. SMBs can explore business ideas that they were earlier unable to execute because of poor information on sales and marketing opportunities
  • Greater scope to close deals and resolve customer queries by the field staff that remains connected to the database via the internet
  • Smooth and inexpensive integration of a lot of customer-data that hitherto had been lying in discrete databases
  • Perhaps the biggest advantage of CRM for SMBs is that it gives them a platform to compete with businesses that operate on a larger scale with larger budgets

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Ghanshyam Shah said...

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